Blue Bohemian Lace-Back Maxi

"When I saw the original traveling dress post, I was blown away. The images were breath-taking, and the idea was genius. When Twyla announced that there would be an opportunity for everyone to be involved with this rad movement I decided to give it a go. I wanted to find photographers who were from all over the world, who each had their own unique style, and that would flow well together in a group. I am so fortunate to be a part of our amazing group of women and get to experience this with them.

This experience has brought us closer together and has ignited our souls to create, inspire, and build ourselves and each other in this community. Being able to touch a piece of fabric that has passed through the hands of strong and powerful women all over the world has given me a sense of pride and empowerment. I kept thinking about "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" while the dress was traveling from place to place and wrapping around different women's bodies over the past 8 months. It’s quite remarkable and the best part is that we have formed this “sisterhood”, if you will, through this experience of Our Traveling Dress.

It took our dress about 7 months to travel around the world. Our dress drifted through the USA (Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Arkansas, California, & Kentucky), Scotland, Canada, & Italy. Being able to see the perspective of creativity from each photographer through their images was quite spectacular. I loved seeing the landscape everyone was surrounded by. From snow covered mountains, cliffs overlooking giant lakes, frozen December fields, sun kissed beaches, abandoned buildings, and wild forests. If this dress had a soul it would definitely be a drifting wanderer. I’m sort of jealous of the dress; it has done precisely what I want to do in life and traveled through the beautiful planet we call home, experiencing every beautiful landscape that was crafted with perfection for our enjoyment." -Emily (Group Leader)

Emily Anne Boyd - Group Leader
Bella Navi Photography LLC
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Pittsburgh, PA

The dress traveled to: An abandoned motel in Smithton, PA

"During my personal time with the dress, my sister had told me of this cool abandoned “hotel” a few towns over in Smithton, PA. I had been dying to photograph something unique and different from my normal mountain top and waterfall sessions. So, I set off to find this mystery place. When I arrived, I thought she had given me the wrong address because to my surprise a tiny little abandoned motel (with an M) sat before me. No broken windows, no old dust furniture lingering in a hall way, just a row of rundown rooms. I hate to admit that I was disappointed and contemplated using the golf course across the street because it just didn’t fit the wild dreams that I had running through my mind; but my model was on her way and I had to embrace what was before me. So we danced, ran, and explored the motel grounds and it was actually quite fun. I ended up with a set of images that really pushed me to be creative and use my imagination to create something unusual and different. I loved that this project allowed me to think outside of the box and explore a part of my creativity that I didn’t know was there." -Emily Boyd


Kristi Boatright
The Dog Wood Collective
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Fort Smith, AR

The dress traveled to: Fort Smith, AR

"Meagan was great to work with! She was wanting photos just because, and it was right around the time I was about to get the dress mailed to me! So we brainstormed locations that would, A) be challenging for me and B) fit the vibe that she was wanting. I chose the local art museum and the session went well! It challenged me as an artist to pose a single person instead of a couple and was a great way for me to connect to other photographers around the country!!" -Kristi Boatright


Marissela Alanis
My Dear Cactus Photography
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Lawton, OK

The Dress Traveled to : The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

“It was one very cold day in Oklahoma when we traveled to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge to photograph this beautiful dress. The exquisite details on the back were my favorite. Its subtle texture and gorgeous blue color made the best combination that helped reflect my model's personality.

“This traveling dress pushed me out of my comfort zone, it helped me open my mind to new things, new people, and new growth, artistically and emotionally. I worked with such a talented team from different parts of the globe to make this happen; how awesome is that?! One dress, nine minds making it its own.” -Marissela Alanis


Cheri Dempkowski
Moss and Mind Photography
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Rocklin, CA (suburb of Sacramento)

“The dress arrived on the week that our area was experiencing very odd and unseasonably foggy days which lasted almost all day. But it was inspiring! Since I usually photograph during warm and golden sunsets, I was excited to embrace a moody and dark setting for my model.

I loved working with this group because I knew we were all from such different locations and I could not wait to see how each of us embraced the dress with a different vision in mind. Having a group project helped me to be accountable and I actually pushed myself to do something outside of my comfort zone. I loved the experience and can't wait to do another one!” -Cheri Dempkowski


Kellee Quinn Lynch
Kellee Quinn Lynch Photography
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Ayshire, Scotland

“I have been so keen to take part in a traveling dress project as the idea of sharing the same dress and seeing other artists visions for it was so appealing. It is freezing in February in Scotland but we get some of the best sunsets at that time. As soon as one came along I grabbed a friend and her daughter and we headed out. I had no real idea about how I wanted to photograph the dress, I just let the mother and daughter be themselves and captured what they do naturally. I can't wait to see what everyone else produced now” -Kellee Quinn Lynch


Diana Moschitz
Family as Art
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Como, Italy

“The dress! What can I say!? My usual style is white and light and this dress was not that. At first I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I started out photographing the model in my studio, using the same vision I normally use, but I quickly realized this wasn’t going to work, so we headed out into the frozen December field behind my studio. We were barefoot and my model’s feet were rapidly turning into blocks of burning ice. We had to work fast. The speed of the session was also accelerated by the fact that the sun was setting fast.

I embraced the new environment by allowing Isi to move in a way that she felt fitted the dress, the moment, and the light. I could see the moment when the fantasy took over and she began to flow, free of instructions and expectations.

Taking part in the this project was not as easy as I had thought. My initial disappointment at not being about to control the style of the dress, the location, the weather, and the light, all faded when I saw how liberating it was both for me and for Isi. The images we created are so different from my usual style that I had doubts and fears about them for weeks. After taking a break and coming back to review them though, I was thrilled. The session showed a different side to my creativity, one that I hope to develop in future projects.” -Diana Moschitz


Nicole Park
Nicole Park Photography
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Alberta, Canada

The dress traveled to: Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

"I absolutely loved being a part of the traveling dress collective. How cool is it that one dress is photographed all over the world, and I get to be a part of that! I couldn't wait to bring the dress to Banff National Park and try to represent Alberta in the best way possible. The beautiful mountain backdrop made for the perfect location. Photographing in the snow and fog was a blast and almost falling through the ice was so worth it! The dress was beautiful, flowy, and flattering for any body. I can't wait to be a part of another project like this, and if you have the chance to do it, go for it! It's so fun to photograph for yourself and have all of the creative control. I can't wait to see everyone's images and the diversity that comes with a project like this! I truly had a blast!" -Nicole Park


India Tungate
Story Book Photography by India
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Nancy, Kentucky

The dress traveled to: Lake Cumberland, KY

“It was such an honor to be a part of an amazing project with such talented creatives. To have a piece of clothing travel all across the world and then to hold it within my hands was incredible. I kept imagining how the other images must look and all the different environments and cultures this dress witnessed. I am just tickled to the brim to be able to represent my small city and I have truly enjoyed being a part of this project and having the opportunity to meet some amazing people.

My model kept complimenting about how soft and comfortable the dress was and by the end of our session she convinced herself that she needed to purchase one for herself. I decided to take the dress to a place I felt is one of the most beautiful locations in my home town. We were standing on top of a cliff that over looked one of the largest human-made lakes: Lake Cumberland. With the lake and the rolling Kentucky hills behind my model in the images, I knew I had selected a perfect location to represent my state.” -India Tungate


Amandamarie Gillen
Amandamarie Gillen Photography
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Wilmington, NC

The Dress Traveled to: Castle Hayne, NC; Wrightsville Beach, NC; and Wilmington, NC.

“While I had the dress, I had the pleasure of putting two beautiful models in it. The first was Brooke Woodley. She and her love, Edward, traveled to a boat ramp in Castle Hayne, NC, and then a quiet access point at Wrightsville Beach, NC with me. These newly-weds twirled, kissed as the sun rose, and got completely soaked during their session! It was perfect. My second model was Stephanie Garner. She and her love, James, invited me to their home in Wilmington, NC for their session- and they live in an Argosy! I was instantly excited! This free-spirited couple cuddled, kissed, and showed me how deeply they love; and we were also joined by their sweet daughter, Olivia. Another perfect session.

This was my first time being part of a traveling dress group and it was so much fun! Not only is the group filled with amazing photographers but getting to photograph something that they all photographed was really special; it's like I had a piece of everyone's sessions in my sessions! I just felt connected. I definitely want to continue photographing traveling dresses.” -Amandamarie Gillen

Graphic Designer since 2005 and natural light photographer producing mostly black and white images, some color, with a fine art style, located in Vancouver, WA, USA.

I love creating. I love finding beauty in the mundane and seemingly trivial. I love being a part of creating beautiful things. 

I tend to be an over-sharer. So here goes. Music, movies, and imagery are God's gifts to me. I'm convinced these are the tools He chooses to communicate with me. I make mistakes everyday, try to clean up the mess alone, make it worse, then finally, as a last resort call on the One I should have in the first place. I'm desperately searching to fill the hole that only He can fill and everyday I become more convinced that it won't be filled here... and I can't wait to meet Him face to face. To finally meet who I was created for. To finally understand.