The Traveling Dress Collective
The Traveling Dress Collective
1 Dress. 7 Photographers. A Trip Around the World.

Getting Involved & Submissions

Welcome to The Traveling Dress Collective's Submissions Page.
Please read the directions below on getting involved, participating, and then finally, submitting your team's images for publication. 

If you haven't already, please read our story and how The Traveling Dress Collective came about. 

If you've decided you'd like to participate, form up a team of 7-10 people who you trust; after all, you will be sharing your physical mailing address with them. You may also join the Facebook Group as well for helpful documents, connecting with other participants, and/or forming up your groups. Assign a group leader who will coordinate the details of keeping everyone on track and who will manage and submit the final images once the project is completed. Each photographer has one week with the dress; shooting it with their own specific style and creative vision, before mailing it off to the next person. And no peeking! Keep your images to yourself until your entire team has finished. Then, the group leader will gather up 3 images from each person in your group to be submitted below as a group post.

Here at the Traveling Dress Collective, we place priority on groups whose submissions are thoughtful, careful, and of which include details readers would be interested in. As artists, personal projects like this help us to grow in our craft and in community. We want to not only be inspired by this blog, we also want to hear about how people grew throughout the process. For examples of submission layouts we feel work out well, check out this group and this group.


Please complete the form below

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Include up to 3 jpg images per participant in your group of 7-10. Name images with participant name, sequence number and the location the dress was photographed. {participant name_sequencenumber_location}.jpg. Size images 1500px wide at 72 resolution with a maximum file size of 1 MB.
Include details about your team including participant names, group leader's name, social media links, and destinations each dress traveled to. Approval priority will be given to groups who include details readers might enjoy reading about that involved the group's time with the dress. More information is always better than less.
Please Note
Correctly adhering to the upload instructions above is mandatory for submission approvals. If images are sent with incorrect specifications, the submission will be denied.