Gold Flowy Convertible Dress

In 2016 I co-led and participated in the original Traveling Dress Project

with a handful of other photographers I’d met in a photography community. This year, in 2017, we all decided to do it again but this time we each led our own separate groups of 7-10 people.

Here are the members of my 2017 team and their websites (some have posted their images with the dress and others haven’t.) But what an incredible team of talented artists, you won’t regret looking at their beautiful art. Lexy ParksHernan SanchezCandice ZugichJulie GodboltApril KrausKathryn GillespieLauren Grayson, and myself, Teresa Vick.

This "gold dress" traveled from Canada to all over the USA, to Iceland, back to the USA, and then back to Canada.

Below you will find our group’s creative visions for the dress in order of it’s travels. Enjoy!


Candice Zugich

Rocklin, CA | Instagram


Julie Godbolt

Seattle, WA | Instagram

See more images from Julie with the gold dress.


Kathryn Gillespie

Richardson, TX | Instagram


Lauren Grayson

Iceland | Instagram


Teresa Vick

Vancouver, WA | Instagram


Graphic Designer since 2005 and natural light photographer producing mostly black and white images, some color, with a fine art style, located in Vancouver, WA, USA.

I love creating. I love finding beauty in the mundane and seemingly trivial. I love being a part of creating beautiful things. 

I tend to be an over-sharer. So here goes. Music, movies, and imagery are God's gifts to me. I'm convinced these are the tools He chooses to communicate with me. I make mistakes everyday, try to clean up the mess alone, make it worse, then finally, as a last resort call on the One I should have in the first place. I'm desperately searching to fill the hole that only He can fill and everyday I become more convinced that it won't be filled here... and I can't wait to meet Him face to face. To finally meet who I was created for. To finally understand.