Burgundy Dress

Another brilliant year with The Traveling Dress Collective and I couldn't be more tickled with my team of absolutely amazing photographers!!!

When the original founders of The Traveling Dress all agreed we would branch out this year, create our own sub-groups, and invite some new photographers to join us, I think we all instantly had an idea of who we would like to invite to participate along side us. I am going to just say, I envisioned the absolute dream team and to my surprise each and every one of the photographers that I had imagined would make up my team, all graciously agreed to join in on this amazing collaboration. Our project for 2017 spanned across the USA and visited some of the most incredible people I have had the honor of knowing in the photography community.

The outstanding versatility of this incredible group is beyond amazing and I was jazzed once we finally revealed our images to one another. One dress. . . nine photographers, each with a different vision and style. . . all coming together on one project. 

I hope you all enjoy our collaboration as much as we have enjoyed participating and I can't wait to see where the next installment takes us all! Thank you Anita Cline, April Burns, Kianna Reed, Melissa Gorman-Walkup, Shannon O'Malley, Caroline Jensen, Chelsea Cronkrite and Megan Loeks for participating with me in making this incredible year of the Traveling Dress such a successful one. You guys are true rock stars!!

- Kristey Fritz-Martin


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